Cannabis-Related Home Décor for Any Toker

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Half Baked movie posters and Jamaican flags aren’t required for Stoner decor. Even in our adult houses, we may flaunt our love of cannabis with style. The days of Cheech and Chong-style basement smokers are long gone. Now that we can be honest about our consumption, we can also proudly celebrate our passion.

In my internet travels, I’ve discovered several great cannabis-related decor pieces that would fit in with the more subtle accents of a low-key smoker’s home or shine in the most out and proud smoker’s house.


Marijuana-Related Décor

Graeme Gift Store on Etsy now focuses on masks, but the vintage-inspired posters they sell are fantastic. The American-based shop is a little out of date, but based on the evaluations, it appears to be still in business. Personally, I think “Sativa Days, Indica Nights” is the ideal blend of hippy and low-key stoner. It’s not as overt for when your mother-in-law comes to visit, but it’s a great discussion starter for any other cannabis aficionado.

Pillow and Pineapple Express Stash

At first sight, I mistook the first pillow I saw for a stockpile. These pillows are a lot of fun, even if they aren’t exactly low-key. The OG Kush pillow is just that: a pillow. The Pineapple Express pillow, on the other hand, is a two-in-one, a crazy-looking stash to, well, hide your stash! If someone you don’t want to know asks about the skunky-smelling pillow, tell them it’s an added bonus.

Marijuana-Related Décor

Everyone loves silly signs like “Man Cave,” but I’m happy to report that I’ve discovered a no-smoking sign that I genuinely appreciate. This tin sign, which can be found on Amazon, would look great in any smoking area or shed. Furthermore, this sign is slightly larger than a standard sheet of paper, giving it an ideal size for any wall.

This THC Molecule wall painting is perfect for the chemistry nerd in your life. According to the Etsy seller, these art works are created using a 3D Printer, which gives the artist complete control over the design.